BA in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Declare your major early (see Maddy Beck in Northrop 147)

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Seek advice of a Departmental Undergraduate Advisor early and often!

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Please view the current UNM University Catalog for the official Earth and Planetary Sciences Undergraduate Admission Requirements

E&PS Courses (Cr)Course TitlePrerequisites

ENVS 1130 (3) and ENVS 1130L  (1)


GEOL 1110 (3) and GEOL 1110L (1)

The Blue Planet AND The Blue Planet Laboratory


Physical Geology AND Physical Geology Laboratory

GEOL 2110C (4) formerly EPS 201LHistorical Geology Lecture and LaboratoryGEOL 1110 or ENVS 1130
EPS 301 (3) and EPS 302L (2) (Fall)Mineralogy/EPS Materials and Mineralogy LaboratoryCHEM 1215 and CHEM 1215L
EPS 303L (4) (Spring)Igneous & Metamorphic PetrologyEPS 301/302L
EPS 304L (4)Sedimentology and StratigraphyEPS 301/302L and GEOL 2110C
EPS 307L (4) (Spring)Structural Geology

EPS 304L and (PHYS 1230 or PHYS 1310)

Pre- or Corequisite: EPS 303L

EPS 310L (4)


EPS 319L (4)

New Mexico Field Geology


Introductory Field Geology

(ENVS 1130 and ENVS 1130L) or (GEOL 1110 and GEOL 1110L)


EPS 304L and 307L

EPS 401 (1)Colloquium / Seminar

junior or senior standing

Corequisite: EPS 490

EPS 490 (1)Geologic Presentation

EPS 301 or ENVS 330

Corequisite: EPS 401

AND 2 additional E&PS courses (6 total credits) from above 299-level, one of which is above 399-level [excluding 401 & 490].

Total E&PS Credits=37

Supporting Sciences (Credits)

CHEM 1215 (3) and 1215L (1)
PHYS 1230 (3) or 1310 (3)
9 additional credit hours from Chemistry or Physics above the required levels, or from MATH 1512 or above, BIOL 1140/1140L or above, or ASTR 2110 or above, or (with permission from the EPS Undergraduate Committee) from selected Anthropology, Engineering or Geography courses

Total Supporting Sciences Credits = 16

Departmental Honors

Students seeking honors in Earth and Planetary Sciences should consult with the department honors advisor no later than two full semesters prior to graduation. EPS 493 and 495 are required, as is a written senior thesis that is orally defended.