Laura J. Crossey

Distinguished Professor

Photo: Laura J. Crossey
Ph.D. University of Wyoming, 1985
Northrop Hall Rm. 339

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Hydrology,  Geochemistry/Petrology/Mineralogy,  Planetary Sciences,  Sedimentology/Stratigraphy/Paleoclimate/Paleontology

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Research and Academic Interests:

Aqueous and Sedimentary Geochemistry. Applications of low-temperature geochemistry to problems in hydrochemistry, diagenesis, geomicrobiology, and geothermal processes. My research approach combines field examination of modern environments (biogeochemistry of water and sediments) with laboratory analysis as well as core and outcrop evaluations applied to evaluate paleohydrology, spring sustainability and reservoir/aquifer characteristics. She is an MSL Science Team Collaborator for the ChemCam Team, Mars Science Laboratory Rover. Other activities include geoscience outreach, K-12 outreach, and science education research as well as programs to increase the participation of under-represented groups in the science disciplines. I am a Fellow of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Geological Society of America (GSA), and served as the Birdsall Dreiss Distinguished Lecturer for 2019 (sponsored by the Hydrogeology Division of GSA). Prospective graduate students can read the letter linked here. To find out more about the variety of research projects, check out Laura J. Crossey Personal Page.

Recent Publications:

Frus, R. J., Crossey, L. J., Dahm, C. N., Karlstrom, K. E., Crowley, L., 2020,  Influence of Desert Springs on Habitat of Endangered Zuni Bluehead Sucker (Catostomus discobolus yarrowi), Environmental & Engineering Geosciences, Vol. XXVI, No. 2, pp 1-17,

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