Corinne Myers

Associate Professor

Photo: Corinne Myers
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 2013

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Research and Academic Interests:

Paleobiology, paleobiogeography/paleoecology, macroevolution, application of ecological niche modeling to the deep time fossil record. Research focuses on teasing apart the contribution of abiotic environmental vs. biotic factors in driving biogeographic and macroevolutionary patterns in the history of life. Some current projects include: paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway (WIS) and investigation of the impact of niche dynamics (specifically niche stability, niche breadth, and phylogenetic niche conservation) on macroevolutionary patterns of WIS marine fauna.

Recent Publications:

Freymueller, N., J. Moore, and C. E. Myers. 2019. An analysis of the impacts of Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events on global molluscan diversity dynamics. Paleobiology.

Saupe, E.E., C. E. Myers, A. T. Peterson, J. Sóberon,, J. Singarayer, P. Valdes, and H. Qiao. 2019. Non-random latitudinal gradients in range size and niche breadth predicted by spatial patterns of climate. Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Myers, C. E., K. D. Bergmann, C.-Y. Sun, N. Boekelheide, A. H. Knoll, and P. U. P. A. Gilbert. 2018. Exceptional preservation of organic matrix and shell microstructure in a Late Cretaceous Pinna fossil revealed by photoemission electron spectromicroscopy. Geology 46:711-714.

Myers, C. E. & E.E. Saupe. 2013. A Macroevolutionary expansion of the Modern Synthesis and the importance of extrinsic abiotic factors.Palaeontology Special Issue: Macroevolution and the Modern Synthesis, 56:1179-1198.

Owens, H. L., L. P. Campbell, L. L. Dornak, E. E. Saupe, N. Barve, J. Soberón, K. Ingenloff, A. Lira-Noriega, C. M. Hensz, C. E. Myers, A. T. Peterson. 2013. Constraints on interpretation of ecological niche models by limited environmental ranges on calibration areas. Ecological Modeling 263:10-18.

Myers, C. E., R. A. MacKenzie III, & B. S. Lieberman. 2013. Greenhouse biogeography: the relationship of geographic range with invasion and extinction in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway. Paleobiology 39:135-148.
* featured this article in Fossils of Future Past by Brian Switek which can be found at:

Saupe, E. E., V. Barve, C. E. Myers, J. Soberón, N. Barve, C. Hensz, A. T. Peterson, H. L. Owens, & A. Lira-Noriega. 2012. Variation in niche and distribution model performance: the need for a priori assessment of key causal factors. Ecological Modeling 237-238:11-22.

Myers, C. E. & B. S. Lieberman. 2011. Sharks That Pass in the Night: Using GIS to investigate competition in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 278:681-689.