Brandon Schmandt


Photo: Brandon Schmandt
Ph.D., University of Oregon, 2011
Northrop Hall, Rm. 204

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Research Area/s:

Geophysics/Seismology,  Tectonics/Structural Geology,  Volcanology

Research and Academic Interests:

Geophysics. My research group’s technical focus is in seismology. We apply or adapt seismic imaging methods to resolve subsurface structures that give insights into the geologic history and contemporary state of tectonic and magmatic processes. We analyze of seismic source properties to study earthquakes in tectonic, magmatic, and industrial settings. Additionally, we advance methods to distinguish the seismic signals of earthquakes, explosions, and mechanical processes in the environment. Our observational research is fueled by the rapidly growing archives of publicly available seismic data and fieldwork to collect new seismic data.

Recent Publications:

Selected publications since 2017 (UNM undergrad**, grad*, postdoc^):

 *Wilgus, J., Schmandt, B., ^Maguire, R., Jiang, C., Chaput, J. (2023). Shear Velocity Evidence of Upper Crustal Magma Storage Beneath Valles Caldera. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(5).

 **Stairs, R. K., Schmandt, B., Townsend, J. P., & Wang, R. (2023). The Seismic Signature of a High‐Energy Density Physics Laboratory and Its Potential for Measuring Time‐Dependent Velocity Structure. Seismological Research Letters.

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^Maguire, R., Schmandt, B., Li, J., Jiang, C., Li, G., *Wilgus, J., & Chen, M. (2022). Magma accumulation at depths of prior rhyolite storage beneath Yellowstone Caldera. Science, 378(6623), 1001-1004.

 *Zhang, H., Schmandt, B., *Zhou, W. Y., Zhang, J. S., & ^Maguire, R. (2022). A single 520 km discontinuity beneath the contiguous United States with pyrolitic seismic properties. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(24), e2022GL101300.

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