Adrian J. Brearley

Distinguished Professor

Photo: Adrian J. Brearley

Director, Transmission Electron Microscope Laboratories

Ph.D., University of Manchester, Great Britain, 1984
505-277-1641 or 277-4163
Northrop Hall Rm. 206

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Research Area/s:

Geochemistry/Petrology/Mineralogy,  Planetary Sciences

Research and Academic Interests:

Mineralogy, petrology and cosmochemistry of planetary materials

Experimental studies of planetary materials

Kinetics and mechanisms of metamorphic reactions

Phase transitions in the mantle transition zone and lower mantle

Mineralogy and petrology of mantle xenoliths

Analytical techniques: transmission electron microscopy, electron microprobe analysis, scanning electron microscopy, focused ion beam/SEM.

Recent Publications:

Brearley, A.J. and Jones, R.H. (2017) Halogens in chondritic meteorites. In ‘The Role of Halogens in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Geochemical Processes: Surface, Crust and Mantle’. (Editors: Dan Harlov and Leonya Aranovich). In Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences Series. Springer Verlag. (in press).

Han, J. and Brearley, A.J. (2017) Microstructures and formation history of melilite-rich calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions from the ALHA77307 CO3.0 chondrite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Rodriguez-Freire, L., Avasarala, S., Ali, A-M, Agnew, D., Hoover, J.H., Artyushkova, K., Latta, D.E., Peterson, E.J., Lewis, J., Crossey, L.J., Brearley, A.J., and Cerrato, J.M. (2016) Post Gold King Mine spill investigation of metal persistence in water and sediments of the Animas River watershed. Environmental Science & TechnologyDOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b03092.

Dobrică, E. and Brearley, A.J. (2016) Microchondrules in unequilibrated ordinary chondrites: Evidence for formation by splattering from chondrules during random collisions in the solar nebula. Meteoritics and Planetary Science51, 884-905.

Tyra, M., Brearley, A.J., and Guan, Y. (2016) Episodic carbonate precipitation in the CM chondrite ALH 84049: An ion microprobe analysis of O and C isotopes. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 175, 195-207.

Han, J. and Brearley, A.J. (2015) Microstructural evidence for complex formation histories of amoeboid olivine aggregates from the ALH A77307 CO3.0 chondrite. Meteoritics and Planetary Science50, 904-925.

Dobrică, E. and Brearley, A.J. (2014) Widespread hydrothermal alteration minerals in the fine-grained black matrix of the Tieschitz unequilibrated ordinary chondrite. Meteoritics and Planetary Science49, 1323–1349.

Le Guillou, C. and Brearley, A.J. (2014) Relationship between organics, water and early stages of aqueous alteration in the pristine CR3.0 MET00426. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta131, 344-367.

Floss, C., Le Guillou, C. and Brearley, A.J. (2014) Coordinated NanoSIMS and FIB-TEM analyses of interstellar matter from CR3 chondrites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta139, 1-25.

Brearley, A.J. and Krot, A.N. (2013) Metasomatism in chondritic meteorites. In ‘Metasomatism and the Chemical Transformation of Rock:  The Role of Fluids in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Processes’ Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences Series. (Editors: Dan Harlov and Håkon Austrheim) Springer Verlag pp. 653-782.

Brearley, A.J. (2013) Nebular vs parent body processing of chondritic meteorites. In ‘Treatise on Geochemistry’ , Cosmochemistry Vol. 2 - revision. Editors Holland and Turekian. Elsevier, pp. 309-334.

Abreu, N.M and Brearley, A.J. (2010) Early solar system processes recorded in the matrices of two highly pristine CR3 carbonaceous chondrites, MET00426 and QUE99177. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74, 1146-1171.

Bargar, J.R., Fuller, C.C., Marcus, M.A., Brearley, A.J., Perez De la Rosa, M., Webb, S.M. and Caldwell, W.A. (2009) Structural characterization of terrestrial microbial Mn oxides from Pina Creek, AZ. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta73, 889-910.

Chizmadia, L.J. and Brearley, A.J. (2008) Mineralogy, aqueous alteration and primitive textural characteristics of fine-grained rims in the Y791198 CM2 carbonaceous chondrite: TEM observations and comparison to ALH81002. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 7, 602-625.

Sharp, Z.D. Barnes, J.D., Brearley, A.J., Fischer, T., Chaussidon, M. and Kamenetsky, V.S. (2007) Chlorine isotope homogeneity of the crust, mantle and carbonaceous chondrites. Nature446, 1062-1065.

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